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Divorce and separation are one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.  In fact, psychologists have found that it is second only to the death of a spouse in terms of the amount of disruption experienced.  We know that you are not just experiencing a legal process but also the emotional, psychological and financial challenges that separation and divorce bring.  This stress can be even more difficult when your children are involved.  We have the experience and the expertise to resolve all aspects of your family crisis in an expedited and considered manner depending on your family’s unique circumstances.

In some families, mediation with Karen Lindsay-Skynner may provide a voluntary, confidential process by which both parties can resolve their conflicts about parenting, property division child and spousal support.  Solutions may be found that meet the needs of everyone, including the children.  Mediation takes place outside the court process and is usually more timely and cost efficient.

However, mediation is not the ideal process for every family.  In some circumstances, such as where parties have unequal bargaining positions, litigation is absolutely necessary.  We know how to deal with your complex parenting and financial circumstances through the courts.  We have experience in arranging and performing thorough investigations of spousal finances which may include real estate, stock options, deferred compensation plans and foreign accounts.   We have the skills to negotiate your best settlement or to forcefully advocate for your rights in court.

Karen Lindsay-Skynner has a team of experienced professionals to assist and manage your family crisis to conclusion.  She has offices in both Markham and North York for your convenience.


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